“Congratulations! Today is the Day You have decided to create a Healthier and Happier You.”

Investing in a personal trainer will not only help get you to your goals faster, but it will ensure you do it in a safe and effective manner. Your trainer is responsible for assessments, goal tracking, weekly programming, and of course, 1 on 1 structured training routines.

With all our Personal Training Programs, we include the technology to keep you engaged


Group Fitness

Experience the Massive benefit of Group Classes and push yourself to heights.


Youth Development

Getting started on a fitness journey is the best gift you could ever give your kids. No matter if they are athletes or just wanting to keep in good health.


Personal Training

A plan designed specifically for you and your needs, working one on one.



Learn to fuel yourself for optimal results and a healthier lifestyle.

All full length training sessions are 60 minutes.

Personal Training Rates

1 Hour sessions

1 Session/single
10 session package
$70.00 each = $700.00 total
20 session package
$65.00 each = $1300.00 total
Additional client/partner training
Add $20.00 per session

45 minute sessions

1 session/single
10 session package
$50.00 each = $500.00
Additional client/partner training
Add $20.00 per session

Note: The Complete Nutrition package is included with all of our personal training packages. Sessions expire after 6 months from the date of purchase.
Please Contact Us to schedule a consultation or to arrange for your first training appointment (info@thefitnesslab.ca).

Get Started

Personal Training Programs

Your personal trainer will not only motivate you through every workout, but will also keep you engaged with regular fitness testing.

All personal training sessions take place in our private gym, allowing you to get the most out of your workout with as little distractions as possible.

At The Fitness Lab we provide industry leading personal training programs that include:

  • In-depth health and leisure questionnaire
  • Strength, cardio, and core assessments
  • Complete structure for the week
  • MAPS mobility assessment/corrective work
  • Inbody body composition testing & retesting
  • Inbody body composition testing & retesting
  • Access to our exclusive training app
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition coach and plan