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Every Child Needs a Warmkins; Even Your Inner One...

We believe in making a difference wherever we can, no matter how great or small, and we invite you to join us in doing so!

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Warmkins are used by hospitals, non-profit organizations, and government agencies nationwide to provide physical and emotional benefits on multiple levels. We need your generous help in sponsoring Warmkins for those most in need of them. Want to make a difference in the life of someone suffering? Gift a warm hug today! or 2 or 3 or more…(for you big ballers out there!)

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Our Goal is to Help Poor People
Our Story

We at Warmkins aim to bring out the inner child in all of us.

In a small way, you could say we help to unite a world through healing hugs.
We strive to design and deliver top notch cuteness, made of luxurious plush materials, tested to the highest safety standards, each properly sized and weighted for maximum physiological impact (18″ bodies and large weighted insert bags) – ensuring they effectively work on a therapeutic level both for warmth and weight.

You Can Help Lots of People by
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Plant Tree, Save Earth & Lives Secure the Future
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Raised $09,000
Goal $20,000
Emergency Response and School Food
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Raised $10,250
Goal $15,000
People that Need Clean Drinking Water
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Raised $07,550
Goal $12,000
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7.6 Billion Humans Need a Hug

Global Mission

Warmkins™ has a global mission to do our part in bettering the World

We live in by Uniting Humankind through Warmth & Healing Hugs.

Our number one priority is providing Warmkins to children who are orphaned, abused, have suffered trauma, physical disabilities, diseases, or mental and emotional ailments.

Providing Warmkins

To children who are orphaned, abused, have suffered trauma, physical disabilities, diseases, or mental and emotional ailments

Warmkins sales and Donations

We aim to lend warmth, comfort, and joy to any and all who stand in need of the therapeutic warmth, weight, and comfort of our products.

Over the past 8 years

Warmkins™ have benefited families and individuals in a myriad of situations including hospital stays, chemotherapy & dialysis treatments, as well as emotional times of struggle.

Meet Our Creator

Carolyn Rene' Garrick

Hello, my name is Carolyn Rene’ Garrick. Los Angeles native, mother of 3 and creator of Warmkins. I believe in the potential of Humankind…that there is a love, uniqueness & beauty within each of us.

My passion and my vision is to create a "Warmkins World" where Humankind can find unity through Therapeutic Healing Hugs.

One Warmkins at a Time

Meet Our Creator

Donald Henderson
Elizabeth Walker
Warmkin Global Mission

Join Our Global Mission to do our part in bettering the World


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